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Instead, McNulty designates the feminine as that which exceeds the subject's symbolic existence—that which Jacques Lacan calls "extimacy," the uncanny foreignness within the subject, his non-identity to himself, which threatens his sovereign existence. In order to argue that this historical, philosophical and psychical exclusion of the feminine is constitutive of the hospitality relation, McNulty turns to a set of seemingly disparate texts, drawing each of them together under the banner of a common onto-theological tradition.

Her first chapter concerns the history of the Israelites and performs a kind of genealogy of the specific conditions under which the institutionalization of hospitality, its juridical codification, forecloses the radical openness to the unexpected and the unknown that characterized the nation's initial relation to the divine. McNulty's brilliant reading of the biblical foundations of Judaism privileges the incredulous laughter that escapes from Sarah once she hears from an unknown sacred?

This laughter establishes a distance between Abraham and the divine in that the disbelief it betrays—a skepticism which emerges not from Abraham himself, but from the hostess whom he possesses—bears witness to the guest's unrecognizability and thus also to God's unknowability. However, she demonstrates that, within the Judeo-Christian tradition, this injunction to non-knowledge Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. Before they begin, however, it is revealed to the audience that Hector and Ajax are, in fact, closely related by blood:.

Calling for an end to the tournament later on, Hector says to Ajax:.

Why, then will I no more. Let me embrace thee, Ajax. By him that thunders, thou hast lusty arms! Hector would have them fall upon him thus. Cousin, all honour to thee! Agamemnon, commander of the Greeks, is again the first one to welcome the newcomer, receiving Hector with the following words:. Worthy of arms!

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When time is old and hath forgot itself, When waterdrops have worn the stones of Troy, And blind oblivion swallowed cities up, And mighty states characterless are grated To dusty nothing [. In the midst of military conflict, any hospitality between enemies is possible only under a temporary ceasefire. While purification implies the recovery of an element that has been released from all polluting influences, when it comes to hospitality, it proves impossible to eradicate all traces of hostility. Greeks and Trojans alike are left longing for an unattainable ideal of purity.

And yet, for the playwright, the polluted matter of the conflict furnishes the action of Troilus and Cressida with fertile aesthetic possibilities. All subsequent references to the play are to this edition and are given parenthetically in the text. I would like to express my gratitude to Karen Britland, Anne-Marie Miller-Blaise and Line Cottegnies for their many helpful comments and suggestions on earlier versions of this article. Thanks are also due to Martin Coyle, who read several drafts and was typically astute and generous with his advice.

Finally, I am grateful to the anonymous reviewer for their valuable feedback. Rachel Bowlby, Stanford, Calif.

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Adelman, op. Adam Smyth, Cambridge, D. Brewer, , p. OED Online.

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June Oxford University Press. Harris, op. Sophie is currently working on a monograph on hospitality in early modern literature and culture. Journal devoted to the study of 16th to 18th century European literature and culture, mainly in England and France. Contents - Previous document - Next document. Sophie Emma Battell.

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