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Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Don't show me this message again. String Trio in B flat major, D composer. Schubert was clearly still experiencing difficulty with this most exacting of mediums, and he undertook a subtle but thorough-going revision of the score. As a result, this is one of his very few large-scale works of which we possess two different versions.

The alterations in the second version consist largely of the occasional refashioning of the melodic line, redistribution of the part-writing, or smoothing over of transitions. Le Trio D en quatre mouvements date de Zum Beispiel war Schubert offensichtlich am Ende der Exposition des ersten Satzes mit zwei statischen Akkorden unzufrieden, die den musikalischen Fluss unterbrachen.

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In der zweiten Fassung kaschiert er den Riss mit Hilfe eines Violinarpeggios. Leopold String Trio. Violence broke out-, that the music was ending in when the stewards announced A cl Jam Road. The carnival should continue. The congestion could have been eased if plans to put up stands had not bee nrhwarted.

Beethoven - String Trio No. 2, Op. 9 No. 1

He criticized local social service agencies and Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council for Failing to help financially and in other ways. Continued on page 2, col 5 Union compromise plan for ending Gnmwick dispute By Paul Routledge Labour Editor Leaders of the trade union at the heart of the Gr unwick strike yesterday agreed on a compromise formula designed to end the stoppage without further mass picketing. Laboratories, a peace plan tba would progressively re- instate the 70 members of rhe union who are stiti on strike. In return, the union is pre- pared to sign a written agree- ment that it woukl not seek a closed shop in the plant, and that issues, which cannot be resolved through negotiation would go ro arbitration.

After live meeting Mr Roy Grantham, Apex general secre- tary, left to meet Mr Len Murray, general secretary of the TuC, to give him a report and to pave the way for an emergency motion at the TUC conference which, he said might call for more effective blacking of Grunwick, especially by suppliers of film and print- ing paper. In a formal statement. Mr Carter emphasized that United States policy on ' Northern Ire- land would remain one of impartiality. In a radio.

String Trio Bb Major D581A - Cello Sheet Music by Franz Schubert

Page IS Pay demands to Prime Minister xne Prime Minister, who arrives in Scot- land today to appeal for pay restraint, wim be met with strong demands by party workers and trade. Mr CaHaghan wfil be urged to approach the International Monetary Fund to negotiate sudi a reflation PagtJ Secrecy review The Ministry of Defence has begun a review of the way classified - papers are written, filed, preserved and' prepared for eventual public release under, the year rale.

The investigation reflects concern in Whitehall and ajmjng historians that valuable material may have been destroyed during, the process of preservation - ' Page 4 Portuguese dash Thirty-otie -. Sana workers, clashed. Tbe tnwUe was om Govenument attempts to reswre part. Setback in US for Harrier jet Mr Harold Brown, United States Defence Secretary, has provisionally rejected a Marine Corps request for funds to develop an improved model of the British -designed Harrier, jump jet as a first step towards purchase of of the aircraft in the s.

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Our range of. Capital Transfer Tax and this is where we can help. If you are considering returning to the U. Please send for our prospectus giving full details of our services, and aniie same time it would be helpful if you would indicate the nature-of the advice required and your own situation. Tel: 0I-W4 Telex: HI RST. Soon after the trouble in be visited the district and cal- led in Roman Catholic priests from N wring Hill to discuss the matter.

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A black priest from Trinidad, who had flown over for the occasion, cele- brated the Mass. Singing and dancing during the service spilt over into the cathedral piazza in Victoria Street afterwards, and the event was one of the most remarkable ever to be seen on church premises in Britain. The cardinal, who insists that be is no expert on race rela- tions and that he is not quali- fied to give a public lead in the matter, has supported pro- jects in aid of black unem- ployed youths with his personal funds.

He has made many friends among West Indians in London. He paid three visits to Netting Hill over the weekend, the last of which was when trouble was expected on Monday night. The police were officially unaware of his presence, and for much of the time he was unaccompan- ied, dressed in an ordinary clerical suit.

A fellow priest re- marked afterwards that as a former rugby forward and well over six feet tall he was not aa obvious target for trouble- makers.

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  7. I am quite sure that the carnival and the rioting were not connected as cause and effect. The spirit of the thing in the afternoon bad been so good, and the police had been so good.

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    He had been present, watch- ing from the side, during some of the worst violence on Mon- day night and at one point was in the line of fire or missile- throwing black youths. He talked to several groups of youths and individuals, who were present during die fight- ing, and left at about the time it quieted down. Tension that gripped a carnival crowd Stewart Tcndler, in a look bock at the Netting Hill carnival, describes hato the festivities ended in fighting between black youths and the police for the second year in successto succession.

    Ail Sunday afternoon groups of black youths strolled up Porrobeilo Road to congregate under the Westway motorway on open ground leading up to Acklam. Once there, they stood with no apparent pur- pose other than to listen to a recording system. Just after 7 pm the first signs of trouble began when a crowd of some hundreds cascaded down from the open space shouting that the -police were after them. They turned east- wards into the side streets towards Ail Saints Road with no discernible purpose, and slowed down.

    Bur as they ran, two white men were seen to have been attacked. The older man, in his forties, staggered away with his clothes tom. Why us? The youths drifted back into Porrobeilo Road. There, a group of ten of fifteen were seen to surround a white man. Backed again 9t a shop front he appeared to be sudlrng, but then a wooden stick was put across his throat and be dis- appeared under the press of bodies. As it grew dark a police cor- don appeared across Portobello Road where it is bisected by Asklam Road, watching the trow'd below on the gentle gradient leading under the motorway.

    Carfnival stewards went into the crowd nd began to bring out whites singly and in groups. In the side streets farther down they warned Others not to go any farther. A voung man. A special patrol group was called by radio but rbe officers re- mained straddling the road. Youths came over to question reporters abut what they were going to write. One of them hit a reporter in the eye. A youth bad to be restrained by stewards from attacking other journalists. Many people stayed in tbe area, drawn by the excitement and activity. The stewards, including lead- ing members of block radical political groups, pleaded with the youths, dragging out troublemakers when they could find them.

    Several rimes, as they rushed the protesting youths through the police line, friends of the youngsters fol- lowed.

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    It was on one such occasion chat a fierce argument broke out between stewards and youths, just in front of the police line. The next moment a bottle flew out of he crowd and smashed at the feet of the policemen. Groups of youths continued to pass die stlid police line. Cans were thrown as it began to back out. The bricks will come this way.

    On Monday it was clear that many had come back. Tbe police presence was stronger, with constables now on duty in Portobello Road and a strong contingent on the corners of Portobello Road and Acklam Road. Police coaches were parked all along the streets off Ladbroke Grove. Again the open space under die motorway gradually filled up. The police waited. There was a disturbance against the wall under the rail- way line running parallel with the motorway.

    Again tbe crowd eddied. Control on works car parking planned Police officers at Notting HSU displaying the- many items, including an. Just after 8 pm two observers from the West Indian Standing Conference approached a chief superintendent. We have been trying for an hour to get the masic in Acklam Road turned off so that they will go away. They have taken off the T- shirts they were wearing to identify themselves or turned them inside out.