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    Next Article. On colored set partitions of type B n. Related Content Loading General note: By using the comment function on degruyter. A respectful treatment of one another is important to us. These are handled by a generalized version of the stationary phase and the coalescing saddle point method which we propose as part of this dissertation.

    Handbook of Enumerative Combinatorics

    The occurrence of two special functions related to the Airy function is established when two simple saddles of the phase term coalesce. A scheme to study the asymptotic behavior of big powers of generating functions is proposed as an additional application of these generalized methods. Committee Robin Pemantle Advisor. Pages p. Keywords Airy phenomena ; amplitude ; analytic combinatorics ; asymptotic enumeration ; asymptotic expansion ; bandwidth ; big powers of generating functions ; bivariate generating function ; Cauchy integral formula ; central limit theorem ; coalescing saddle point method.


    APA Citation. Lladser, M. Asymptotic enumeration via singularity analysis.


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    Asymptotic Bounding 101: Big O, Big Omega, & Theta (Deeply Understanding Asymptotic Analysis)

    Lladser, Manuel. Ohio State University, Chicago Citation.